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Online Clothing Store

Bunkistan Web Store

Bunkistan is an e-commerce web-store operated by Fact Point Media in partnership with fabric and printing suppliers. The online clothing store targets youth and tries to introduce products such as printed t-shirts, which were are slightly off main-stream but have potentially great appeal.

Bunkistan Web Store provides a diverse selecton of printed t-shirts, some of which are art work of students and a lot of fan-art.

Social Media Reach


FactPoint is the name given to our network of social-media "pages" and other similar products which primarily deal with supplying infotainment content. Fact Point Media, through FactPoint, has a reach of over 2 million internet users.

FactPoint Instagram account has over 300K followers whereas the Twitter account enjoys support of over 400K followers.

Viral Content


slayfeed is Fact Point Media's viral content website which is run in association with our network-pages and a team of article writers and researchers who constantly work to deliver the most odd, entertaining and amaze-worthy content to the audience.

slayfeed-partners is an effort to develop a platform for social-media influencers to monetize their popularity and ocassionally deliver their followers amazing read-worthy content.