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Started as a pet project, the social-media page addressing the desi-audience through hilarious witty memes, funny videos and other youth-oriented modern means of "mass-communication" which later went on to grow into modern unconventional merchandise store having served hundreds of orders and dozens of customers.

Bunkistan is a online merchandise store which fills the void left between the youth's demand and supply for a funky, bold, and unconventional clothing and merchandise platform. It has served hundreds of orders and dozens of customers and is constantly growing.

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Fact Point Media is run by team of enthusiastic marketing managers, technical experts, creative writers and magic content creators. These individuals come from different spheres of life, for a common collective purpose, on a mission to make something better and always ready to adopt unconventional ways to achieve that.

Started with a team of two individuals - the founders - Amit, Fact Point media has now grown into a team of dozens of individuals, with grip on every tiny detail to deliver near-perfect products.

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Content Creation

With rapidly changing standards of the online world, Fact Point Media strives to deliver content that is a perfect concoction of relevance, entertainment and information.


Merchandise Solution

With ever growing web merchandise store Bunkistan, Fact Point Media continuously engages with brilliant artists and manufacturers who know their game, to deliver the perfection.


Information Revolution

We are constantly working on solutions which can change the way users are fed information, with an overal aim to achieve the perfect balance between knowledge and entertainment.


Social-media Growth

With a history of constant social-media engagement, we have attained the capability to sense the nerve of the platforms. We have partenered with a variety influencers to develop solutions which brings the users and content creators even more closer.

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